Most random conversation you ever had with a sibling?

My friends keep commenting on how cute my relationship with my big brother is, because he and I have a pretty close bond. Its a huge improvement compared to a few years ago, when we were ready to tear out each others' throats. They often tell me how they wish their relationships with their siblings are like mine and my brother's and how they don't really speak with their siblings. One of them saw my text message and complained how she wished she was able to do this with her brother. The text read;

Little Sister (Me) : My room is a refrigerator... :)

Big Brother: Haha, you can get sick eh? :p

Me: I am training to live with the penguins =w=

Big Bro: Ohem, why oh why =.=

Me: Because if I am to rule over the waddling flightless avians, I must learn to live in their conditions

Big Bro: Lol, you're weird in a good way ;p


So my question to you is, what was the most random conversation that you ever had with a sibling. Doesn't need to be long at all, just what was your most random conversation :)


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  • I have a sick sense of humour, but my sister is even worse. She knew I had a presentation at work one day, and fired off an email on the hopes that it would appear as an outlook preview in the bottom right hand corner of my screen, during my presentation.

    Subject : Don't worry about it - statistically, 5 out of 6 people LOVE gangrape.


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  • I don't specifically remember any random conversations I've had with my sisters, but there are random moments..


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  • Me and my brother have always teased each other- I'm twenty and he's 13- but even when he was seven it'd go a bit like this

    Me: do you love me?

    Him: NO. you're a poo.

    Me: aww I'm gonna go cry now..

    *a few minutes later*

    Him:I have a list for you

    Me: Cool do you want me to read it?

    * he nods and I start reading it*

    it went like this

    I love



    the dog

    digby (his best friend)


    my room

    everything else in the world


    My big sister.

    and then he goes

    yup. that's right. I like money more than you.

    and then whenever he used to see me with a friend (who's a guy) he'd wolf whistle really loudly (this was when he was about 11) and go

    I thought you murdered the last one?!

    • :D LMAO you must have a reputation of being boy eater :D :D :D

    • haha apparently so..

      my brother just loves making things really awkward :P

      a few months ago, he went up to one of my friends and said to her

      You're hot, you're sexy ;)

      winked and then just walked away..

      he was with friends at the time so it was probably a dare, but it made me laugh so much:D