Is it possible to date someone from a college class?

Well I have a couple of options for potential girl interests at this point. I have two girls I'm trying to get to know better from my classes, and a girl I barely know from a club. Also, I'm doing young life, so maybe I could meet someone there. I'm really into a girl that's in one of my classes, but I don't really know if it can work out in the situation. I mean it's a business class, so we have that in common, I'm going to try to ask her next Monday to come see me play guitar and sing at open mic night (i'm really good at both). I play John Mayer and Jack Johnson type stuff.


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  • You should go with whatever feels right, you could try it with the chick from your business class and if that doesn't work you could ask the other chick out. Whatever you feel most comfortable is what you should go with.


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