How do I make her notice/feel it?

sorry I repost, I put it accidentally on a wrong category.

so I guess that if I'd ask if girls get turned on by noticing/feeling bo*** u'll probably say yes.

I often have really strong ones that I'd like girls to notice/touch to turn them on and get.. sexy :)

question is: how do I do that smoothly? :P (in a party, when we sit for a date somewhere, etc.. give me answers for all occasions)

Its also when I'm already dating someone but after kissing and all, I want to "drag" thing over to down there you know..

just write whatever you feel might help. ill prefer girls to answer but guys feel free to share!

thank you :)


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  • oh god I love this... lol;) I don't know just when the moment is right, when you are talking about going back to your place, or let's go for a walk over there, hold her hand and rest is on your crotch... that will give her a nice clue what is to come!

    • If its someone your already dating then when she is really she will probably put her hand down there herself.. right?

    • ready*

    • wished you wouldn't have been anonymous so I could talk to you about it!

      anyway, how close do you have to be to the girl to do that (in your opinion)? I mean like after they make out, or even just when they sit on a date before kissing or something... after kissing... feel free to give whatever answer (ur more than welcome to add me as a friend and tell me there!)

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