Deleted off dating site, no reply to texts but still Facebook friends?

All I did was leave my account online and when I went back to check I had been deleted. Not sure what message he is trying to prove?

P.s we have been seeing each other for a few months now and use the dating site to talk every now and again.


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  • Did he delete his entire account?

    • Nope, but he does like joking I call him later tonight?

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    • I don't care what gives you hope. You need to talk to him.

    • If he overreacted because you didn't respond to a few messages, then that is a red flag. Be careful!

  • He sounds like a control freak. Forget about him

    • He really isn't, I've known him for 3 months now! What should my next step be? I was a little tipsy last night and stupidly sent him 3 messages :(

    • Sorry but I agree w the girl below. Him deleting you off of the dating website and not responding to your texts is a huge red flag to me. Shows that he is incredibly immature and insecure. Also if you've been seein him for the last few months then why are you both still on a dating website?