How do you differentiate between "hanging out" and going on an actual date?

for you personally, not just in general because who knows if there is even an agreed upon answer. if you go out with someone, how do you know whether or not it is a date?


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  • Date- Usually the gentlemen pays for you, and there is a lot of flirtation involved. Usually both parties want someting to come of this relationship.

    Hanging out - You may pay for yourself, or he may pay for the entire hang out. There is usually no flirtation invovled, just two people enjoying each others company. Both don't want the relationship to lead much further than it already is, (if it does it is without intent).


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  • In my circle of friends, 'hanging out' involves an implied invitation to see each other, where as a 'date' is an explicit invitation. I.e. did he ask you on a date, or did he want you to come hang out?

    Since most of my friends are guys, this is mostly coming from a man's point of view. In my opinion, if he didn't say the phrase, "Do you want to go on a date?" then it's not a real date, but I'm rather picky about the use of the English language.

    If you ever feel confused, ask him. At a worst, the answer is no, and he doesn't think about it again. Better than that is that the answer is no, but he start to think about asking you on a real date, or best of all, he says yes, and voila, you are on a date.

  • He pays on a date. I hang out with boyfriends too and in that case, I pay or we go Dutch. I don't mind anyway.