What are some good date ideas?

This weekend will be the first time my boyfriend and I have seen each other since NYE. We are both a little strapped for cash. We don't really want to see any of the movies that are out and the mall is far away. What are some cute inexpensive date ideas?


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  • go for a walk

    go skating

    go to the animal shelter and pet the cats

    watch a movie at home

    make dinner together

    bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes

    cuddle and nap

    • He really liked the animal shelter idea :)

    • lol that's one of my favorite things to do

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  • Draw each others physical appearance at the same time while placing some exaggerations like a big eye, no nose, and others.

    Play your favorite video games together.

    Cook something delicious.

    Try gardening.

    Play some old school romantic music, and dance to it.

  • Just walk in the park and spend time with each other.

    Cuddle, cook for each other, and just sleep together.


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