Do's and donts for serious online dating sites?

Like what should you write and not write on your about me


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  • Do's:

    -Have recent pictures! Like within the last 6 months at the most. Having an updated picture is important because that is how the person is going to recognize you when they meet you for the first time.

    -Get creative with your "About me". Feel free to talk about some of your future plans, like travelling, possible education, jobs, etc...

    -Don't forget to add some interests on your "About Me". Do you like to paint? Are you an avid Mountain Climber? Do you participate in any recreational sports? Talk about that as well. This allows the person reading to really get a good idea of who you are.

    -State what type of things you look for in a mate. Make a good list of things, but don't make it too long. Stick to things that are more personality driven, such as "Vivacious, considerate, caring, loving, romantic, bubbly". This will allow someone to gauge whether they would be a good match for you.

    -An important thing to keep in mind is to also try to use correct grammar and spelling. Don't use too much slang or text speak, and also don't use numbers as letters. This might seem quite picky, but you want to make a good impression. If you can't use proper grammar it makes you look uneducated. Not trying to offend anyone, but this was another thing that made me skip over profiles. Think of it like a resume. You want to meet someone, you have to impress them. Showing them you can't spell makes you seem less attractive. Now some errors are okay, but it can be really hard to understand and read a profile that is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. It's also hard to understand what someone is trying to say if they use text speak as well.


    - Put up outdated pictures. No one wants to see a picture of you 10 years ago. Save that for when you are in a relationship with that person. But on a dating site it can be misleading and cause the person meeting you to be distrustful.

    -Do not go on a tangent about what you don't want in a relationship. Too many times I have seen this online where someone will go off about a bunch of things their ex did. They just come across as being incredibly bitter. It doesn't help anyone gauge if they would be a good match, because it makes you look like you have a lot of baggage to contend with. No one wants to deal with baggage. Instead, stay focussed on the positive stuff.

    -Don't leave your "About me" mainly blank and just simply put "if you want to know more, message me". This is incredibly common as well, and it drove me crazy when I was looking online. It just shows that you couldn't be bothered to put anything in your profile. It makes you seem less interested in meeting someone.


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  • Don't write an entire essay. Leave some topics for dates.

    Don't use dumb cliches... "I love walks on the beach" etc.

    Don't use poor grammar or foul language.

    Don't talk about controversial topics at all.

    Do keep it simple, sweet, and somewhat short.

    Do make it funny and add smiley faces where appropriate.

    Do be yourself :)

  • Absolutely do not use cliches. Look at other guys' profiles. If you start to see the same lines over and over again, don't use them. Don't make it sound like you have low self-esteem either.


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  • This sounds creepy, but sign up on Match as a girl (don't include a pic) and just look at existing guy's profiles. You should get a sense at who gets dates and who doesn't, but from what I've learned:

    ---If you feel the need to explain why you're on the site, say a respectable reason (busy with job, tired of the bar scene), not because you're shy or something.

    ---Describe where you got to where you are now (ambitious, positive attitude, appreciate support from friends and family), but be humble about it. After all, it's About Me.

    ---Mention what you value. People will see this as you holding your ground because everyone sees it, and it takes some of the mystery (the bad mystery) away from prospective dates.

    ---Be specific in who you want, not just "Email me and I promise I will respond!" it reeks of desperation.

    ---Have a good picture, not just one you took in the bathroom mirror with your phone, or of you sitting at your desk from a webcam. Better yet, have pictures of you doing interesting things like hiking, at a concert or working on a car. Pictures can do a lot of talking, actually. Also, if it looks like your yearbook picture it comes across as dorky.

  • No shirtless photos.

    No self shots on webcams or in your house.

    No writing more than 1/2 page wall of text.

    No leaving subject line blank, and just sending stupid compliments to girls.

    Do have photos of your doing something interresting (outdoors, activities, etc)

    Do have photos of your with people, but make it clear who your are in them.

    Do write fun stuff in your profile.

    Do message lots of girls with a catchy subject line, something teasing them, or asking about something interesting in their profile.

    I aslo highly recommend this book which helped me A LOT: link And also check out "simple pickup" on YouTube.

  • Do put up a summary of yourself, goals, aspirations, values, and the such. Don't mention how big or small your schlong is.

  • Don't have self-deprecating humour. Don't have anything grossly sexual or overtly dirty. Don't generalise. Don't attempt to host a pity party. Don't say anything you'd be too embarassed to tell a parent.