How can I make texts more interesting?

I saw a guy from high school when I went out for a friends birthday and he came up to me and said he and his friends (also from my hs) recognized me, even though we never talked in high school. He ended up buying me a drink and dancing with me at different places. We exchanged numbers and now we've been texting quite a bit. He seems really nice and cool but he doesn't flirt much. He texts me when he's working and when he's watching movies and in class but his texts are basic, no flirting and they are just really dry. I try to make it a little flirty, it doesn't make a difference in his responses.

How can I amp up the texts and see if he is really interested?


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  • Ask him a sexual question.

    Tell him that you are lying naked in bed thinking of him.

    Tell him one of your fantasies and ask him for one of his.


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  • Well you could start by texting his less or ending the conversations first so he'll want to talk to you and listen to what you're saying.

    After awhile a some flirty texts and emoticons, it adds a nice touch and feeling to texts.

    Don't constantly text him if you don't really have anything to talk about, he'll lose interest and become bored of tLkkmg to you.

    And if he's dry to you, try being dry to him sometimes, it'll surprise him and he might realize this is what he's been doing to you.