Girl hasn't answered my text, should I be worried?

Hi girls,

some insight here would be awesome.

Met a girl on Saturday, we spoke and had a good time. I got her number after 20 minutes, then we continued the party (my friend I was with knew her from before)

Anyway, I texted her today (Tuesday) at 1PM asking if she wanted coffee on Thursday. Still no answer, and now it`s 9 PM here.

I know her phone was barred for outgoing on Saturday, might still be, but she added me on FB on Sunday, so she could have contacted me there. Or is that unlikely? I know she`s been on FB today.

Thanks for any help here :)

I`m wondering if it`s a good idea to send a new message - this time on FB. Or would it sound needy? Could I ask the same question again? Or like "hey, did you get my text?"


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  • It could be the fact that she is thinking about how to reply and is getting advice from her friends about what to say, either that or one of her friends has said play hard to get and keep him waiting, surprisingly girls think this is a good thing to do I don't understand it personally.


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