Can telemarketers use your number to call other people?

I got a random text from someone who wouldn't tell me who he was, really and wouldn't text me back.

His first message said "who is this?" to which I texted my name and asked who he was- nothing. Couple hours later, sent another one asking who it was, nothing. Then I called, and the voice mail was a guy. Then a couple minutes later the guy texts me and was saying he got a missed call from my number, when I know I haven't called that number before.

He said that it is possible that a telemarketer used my number to call him, that telemarketers have a program that utilizes random numbers that are supposed to be unused but sometimes end up being real numbers. This is something I don't believe.

It scare be because I used to have a stalker, and even though I have moved away, I still don't like him having contact with me, so I am nervous that this is him.

I blocked the number just in case, and told my boyfriend. Now I am double covered.


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  • Nope. I briefly worked as a telemarketer and all you get is a landline, a headset, and a call sheet.

    You said you called him. That was the missed call. It wasn't some random number generator.

    • No, he was saying that the reason he texted me first was because he had a missed call from me.

    • Your number is tied to your phone only. So if even if someone stole your number, you can locate the exact date and time by browsing your outgoing calls. It's either BS or you pressed buttons unintentionally.

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  • That happened to me once a while ago. Several times actually. I'll admit I wasn't very nice to them when they made the attempt, but they never tried again after that. Pretty rare that that happens.

  • doesn't sound too plausible to me... Sounds like some illegal james bond stuff. Most companies wouldn't invest that much into telemarketing...

  • If you never messaged or called him first, why respond to a message saying who's this. Best thing to do is just ignore those kind of messages.

    • I didn't know if it was a friend who had my number from a long time ago or something.

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