What to do if I think I'm losing interest in my relationship?

We've been together for almost 2 years. I'm 24 and he's 23. I used to think that we were a perfect fit because he was like the cherry on top in my life. He made me laugh, we had a lot in common, he used to be so sweet, etc.

I know the honey moon doesn't last forever but I just feel like he's a lot more sarcastic and jokes around all the time. He's not sweet and romantic like before and would do things like smack my butt all the time and play rough. He never compliments how pretty I am, he does things that are annoying like say sarcastic remarks or when I tell him his breath stink (we tell each other when it does lol) he'll breathe it on to my nose!

I tell him these things bother me but he thinks I'm being sensitive or says "comfortable" is a good thing.

We also never go on dates alone. It's always his sister tagging along. She's a couple years older than I, and she has her own long term boyfriend but we're always together hanging out. I can't just tell him to say no as if I'm bothered by her. She's cool but always with us lol

So yeah, it's him not being sweet, his sarcasm, and we never really have much privacy. We're alone in the house sometimes but not on dates...(Asian culture we usually live with parents until married) but he has his house and his mom is moving out because she's getting married to a man. His sister "moved" out with her boyfriend but still stays at home weird huh.


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  • It would be best if you confront your boyfriend/husband about all of your discomforts. Relationships tend to fall painfully if one doesn't feel comfortable staying with the other.

    Also, it's best if you can spend your times alone with your boyfriend for dates. Schedule things so that he won't be dragging anyone with you. Also, start complimenting him. By complimenting him, he'll notice his actions are good and would start appreciating your good points as well.


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