Ok guys I need your opinions.

So here's my problem, I'm currently living out of my home state for school. My best friend is back in my hometown and we've been friends 5 years and this Halloween will be 6. We've had feelings for majority of our friendship but he never would think about dating me. Well I moved away and now he wants to date me but still won't because I live 8 hours away from him. Yet, he talks about coming to visit me for periods at a time and we will Skype and talk on the phone like normal. But I feel like he's serious but I'm afraid to go after it or let alone try anything because I feel like I'll get hurt but I know he wouldn't intentionally do that. So got any advice?


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  • I would stay away from long distance relationships, especially in college. The fact you two were friends makes the situation more complicated, but that much easier to say no and say that you want to remain friends.


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  • Will it be a long distance relationship? If it will, then I would suggest to stay friends. LDR is tough to survive it!