Why would he want me to meet his mean gf?

This friend that I've been messing around with told me that although he didn't want to stop seeing me, he had to because he wanted to try to make things work with his ex/baby mama. Things ended, and we are still cool. We're not as close as before, but we still joke around with each other, and are involved in projects together.

There was an event that we were both going to, and that he was bringing his girlfriend to. He mentioned this to everyone except for me (while I was in earshot). Overhearing him talk about how "mean" she was to everyone else made me feel anxious. Eventually I decided to let it go since I had no control over what happened, so why stress it?

The day of the event is when he finally decided to tell me that she was coming. He said I was finally going to meet her, and "good luck with that". I took that comment as a red flag, and decided to spend as little time around them as possible. By chance I ran right into them as they were entering. She proceeded to ignore me (and my friend) completely, as they rushed by.

I didn't see her for most of the evening. I actually thought that she left, because I spent so much time with him at the bar cracking jokes. We were on our second drink when he mentioned that I should join them at their table. When he first went back to his table, I stayed behind at the bar, but he insisted on coming back to get me. When I got to the table she, and his other friend, didn't acknowledge me at all. It felt uncomfortable being ignored completely, but I decided to just continue watching the presentations, and not focus on the awkwardness. What was extra strange was that they didn't even talk to each other at the table. Instead he continued to text message me jokes, like the ones we were telling at the bar. The whole thing was weird! He would make a flirty gesture toward her, and then text message me something stupid. Meanwhile, we all sat at the same table saying nothing.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and left. She gave a polite and friendly goodbye, but that was literally the only thing she said to me.

My question is, what was the point of all that? Why would he want me to meet her, and sit at their table, if he knew that this was how she was? Am I missing something? I wondered if he just felt bad about leaving me at the bar, but honestly, I would have felt less uncomfortable at the bar alone.

I also don't think that she knows about us messing around, but I could be wrong. Could he actually think that that fact wouldn't factor in to this meeting at all?

I didn't want to bring it up to him, but It's been kinda bothering me. Maybe he's just used to her being like that, and doesn't find any of this weird at all. My intuition, and the fact that he's usually so observant, makes me skeptical.

I just don't get it.


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  • He wanted you to be friends with her. He's not really making things work, he's just messing things up.


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  • I would say he was hoping you and her would hit it off so he could double dip. dump this one he trouble waiting to happen.


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  • She is probably very shy and it was most likely just as awkward for her.

    The way that he was acting to both you and his girlfriend was really right, you should say something to him about his behavior.

  • That's what you get for being his little whore. I hope his girlfriedn is the biggest bitch to you.

    • why would you hope that for me? what made you decide I was a whore? I'm not sure what I said to warrant such a response. sounds like you're confusing your own drama/issues with mine.

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    • they weren't together when we were together. In fact she was seeing someone while we were together too. I didn't "come between their relationship", "try to break them up", or anything else like that that you may have imagined. clearly you've misunderstood.

    • oh okay, sorry lol my bad sorry for being so harsh and tough for no reason