Am I stupid or should I just let it be?

I been with this guy for 9 years and we not together recently. last year we lost our son. things got tense and he got in a relationship with this girl who is younger than the both of us she's only 18. she moved in with him and his family the first month they started dating. he use to take her out to eat and movies that's all they could go. I randomyl text him and tell him I miss and love him and he respond. his family wants her out of their home by next month because she don't go to school and in the army but being lazy with that. she tweet every detail about their relationship and so called depressed life on twiter and Facebook. they only been together 2 months and she sprung ass heck over him. I texted him the other day and said I loved and missed him and he unblocked my orginial number and called me. she knows about me but she's trying to act like she pregnant in order for him to stay but everybody knows she's not pregnant. she stay around him 24 hours of the day and they mostly be arguing. I texted him and no response because she gives him no air and when he goes out she wants him back at a certain time and she basically stalk him. she knows about me but don't have access to his phone. he can't seem to text back becuase of her what can be a good message to text him I been through hell and back with him. I really wanna know what's the point of unblocking me...i also askd him to reblock me he would not do it. the girl puts her whole life on twitter including about him. he don't have anything about her anywhre on his Facebook or twitter. he flaunt her around. I'm just tired I don't wanna be the rebound girl she suppose to get deployed to afganistan next month I hope she does. every post status and tweet she make is about him and what he did and what's happening in their relatonship


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  • You should just let it be. Your boyfriend is just after girls for sexual reasons, perhaps.

    You're better off without him. You're still young ,and you have a lot of opportunity to engage in a fresh better romantic life.


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