How do I respond to my ex?

My ex who said a lot of hurtful things when he broke up with me a few months ago has been randomly texting me, saying he misses me, one night he called me on the phone and talked for an hour. It sounded like he wanted to eventually meet up but I guess was testing the waters. The next night he texts again and this time I think he was drunk & he kept saying "i love you" and miss you" and then babbling nonsense. Then a few days later he texts "Don't be mad" I respond with "About what?" His answer "About anything"

What the hell do I say to that? I still care about him but I'm not sure what it is he wants. How do I respond to "about anything" or do I just ignore it and see what he does.


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  • Ask him what's his point with the texts, maybe he is just messing with you. Ask him if he wants to talk, meet somewhere


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