This guy I've been involved with for 4 to 5 months has not texted me back in 3days?

me and this guys relationship is soley based on sex. we both like being friends with benefits nothing more nothing less.That has never been a problem with me I love it. we usely hangout twice or 3 times a month, mainly because we live an hour away from each other. the last time we hung out was the beginning of the month, it was a good time, we even had a great conversation. So 3 days ago I decided to text him to see if he wanted to hangout this weekend... he hasn't texted back since then. Do you think he is just over it and is moving on?


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  • I would say.. have respect for yourself.. don't worry if a guy doesn't text you.

    If he texts you in a week or so.. just don't respond.

    You are better than this and deserve much better!

    You are a unique individual and precious jewel.. know who you are!

    Jesus loves you and died for us all!

  • I think you're beng clingy and you need to chill out