What are some reasons that you would not text a guy back that you DID like?

Hi. Some questions for girls:

When you give a guy your number: 1)Do you like to be texted right away? Within a few days? 2) Do you prefer a guy to reply to your texts right away or is that seem needy? 3) Do you ever take the initiative to text a guy if he has texted you first before? 4) Does it make you feel good to get a text from a guy you find attractive? 5)How do you feel if you do not get a reply to one of your texts? and lastly, 6) What are some reasons that you would not text a guy back that you DID like? Thanks for your help!


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  • Assuming I gave him my number with the wish to be more than friends...

    1. Right away

    2. I prefer prompt responses, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose

    3. If I want to text him, I'll text him. There's none of this waiting around for him to get his ass in gear with me

    4. Yes, very much so

    5. I get annoyed

    6. I want to annoy him, I want him to text me again 'cause for some reason that makes me feel more important, but the more common reasons are: I lost my phone (happens a lot), my phone died, I got busy doing something else...


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  • 1. not right away. yes that same day would be nice.

    2. I myself like to be texted back right away but not all the time

    3. yes and sometimes no. reason being is because well - yes- I want the guy to get the hint I'm interested. and sometimes -no- because I myself want to know if he is interested in me.

    4. yes

    5. I don't think anything of it and it all depends my relationship with the guy if we're just friends or more than friends/ in a relationship. or just really close friends.. I know sounds stupid but it really just depends sometimes.

    6. Maybe because I get the hint he doesn't like me back or I don't want him to think I'm to annoying and have nothing better to do :P honestly.

  • 1. Depends.. not all the time right away.. every girl likes a challenge sometimes but not all the time otherwise we think they aren't interested and just stop texting. You have to show actual signs of interest!

    2. Too needy.. though sometimes it is a real treat.

    3. Of course I take the initiative!

    4. Of course it makes me feel good.. I'm human.

    5. I would not text a guy back if he made it a habitual habit to be rude and not text me after a few hours.. unless he was actually busy.

    I don't waste my time with men that care to "try" and get to know my body rather than my heart and mind.

    • I think I may agree with you on #5. See, I think I may have took a little too long to reply to one of her texts and maybe she took that the wrong way like I wasn't interested when I was. I just didn't want to come off as being clingy. It was about an hour when I ended up texting her back. Is that too long to wait?

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    • How long would be too long to reply back? In your opinion...

    • Hmm.. depends.

      Don't play stupid mind games.. but don't jump to your phone.

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