Guys: What would make you give a girl an eskimo kiss?

I'm just curious haha. Okay, so I was with the guy I like and we were kept making out. Anyway, he pulled away at one point to take a quick breather I guess haha, and we talked a little bit. But then he grinned and was like, "We should eskimo kiss."

And then he leaned in and rubbed his nose against mine and we both laughed. afterward he pulled away and was like. "Haha we're like those annoying high school couples."

I'm just curious as to what would make you do this with a girl. He said I had a cute nose at some point so I don't know if that'd be why haha.

He's had sex before, don't know if that changes things.


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  • it means he's learning how to pick up chicks.

    he's a beginner. this eskimo kiss is some pathetic pick up routine used by nubs.

  • What is an Eskimo kiss a euphemism for?


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