Girls: would you date a guy like this?

He's 24

Lives at home with his mom and brother

Has a pretty good job

Has a degree in mathematics

Drives a jeep that's about 15 years old

Smokes weed nearly everyday

Plays video games

Has a 10 month old son he sees twice a week

Goes to the gym a lot, healthy

Perfect body

Gorgeous eyes and smile

Hot and sweet at the same time


Doesn't talk about feelings but shows you instead


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  • Nope. I would avoid him like the plague.

    24 = a tad too old for me

    Lives at home with mom and brother - no issues with that one

    has a pretty good job - no complaints there either

    has a degree in mathematics - no complaints there either...'cept what will you do with it?

    drives an older car - as long as it works, nothing wrong there

    Smokes weed nearly every day - Aw HELL no. That is an immediate deal breaker. It's so gross

    Plays video games - what guy doesn't?

    Has a 10 month old son - No thank you. I want a virgin

    Goes to the gym/healthy - gym is good. He's obviously not healthy since he's a fricking pot head

    Perfect body - doesn't mean sh*t since lots of guys look good

    Gorgeous eyes and smile - can't look too good with all the pot he's doing.

    Hot and sweet at the same time - OK, that's good, but still, no dice

    Fun - So is swimming

    Doesn't talk but shows - meh, take it or leave it

    Honestly the whole son thing and smoking thing ruined it. He could be God's gift to women otherwise and I would not want anything to do with him because of that. Please note that it's not that I hate kids, but because I want a virgin. I don't blame the kid.

    • Umm, sorry to butt in here, but "obviously he's not healthy" are you kidding? Maybe we have different definitions of health, but to me it means currently without illness. He may not be taking the best care of himself, but that doesn't make him not healthy. My grandfather smoked cigarettes for 60+ years and didn't ever get sick because of it. You're very presumptuous. And good luck with whole virgin thing.

    • I've all ready succeeded in the virgin thing, thank you.

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  • I'm relieved to see most of the female answerers saying no. Reassures me some girls are still sane, lol.


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  • If he didn't smoke weed nearly every day it would have been a yes.

    I'm not against every person who smokes weed but I couldn't be around it, like someone said before I would get sucked into it as well.

    The son wouldn't be a problem though as long as he spends his time with him well and shows he is a good and responsible father.

  • That fact that he has a degree in math and a job is good. But for me personally I can't have a boyfriend that smokes because when I was younger I got sucked into smoking because of a boyfriend and I almost dropped out of high school. Now I am going to an engineering school so for me a boyfriend that smokes is bad news but if it wouldn't affect you life like it did mine id say go for it.

    • Him having a kid wouldn't bother u?

    • it would talk some getting used to but its not all the uncommon now a days. At least he is in the kids life instead of ignoring them.

  • no he has a kid

  • Never. If he has a child and still smokes weed... I couldn't deal with that

  • No, I probably wouldn't.

    24 - that's fine with me.

    Lives at home - I guess it would depend on WHY he lives at home with them. I tried dating a man that still lived with his parents once, it was NOT fun.

    Good job - great, but if that's true, why does he live his mom?

    Degree - irrelevant to me.

    15 year old Jeep - irrelevant, as long as it basically works properly.

    Smokes weed every day - I'm no prude, having fun occasionally is great, but every day? That's a turn off, to me.

    Plays video games - irrelevant to me.

    Son - I'd like that he sees him frequently, but dating someone with a child hasn't been easy for me. It's not necessarily a deal breaker, but I'd prefer someone who didn't have children. I'd also question the circumstances and the current arrangement.

    The rest is fine.

    The combination of living with his mom, smoking weed every day, and having a child make me want to say no.

  • The kid and the weed are turn-offs. I don't know if I could get past those. I mean if the weed was a rare occurrence I probably wouldn't mind if he didn't do it around me or smell like it, I could look past it. The fact that he's got a kid can't be overlooked in anyway. I'm not in a place in my life where I would be okay with being a mother figure, which is what being in a long term relationship would entail.

  • Nope. The son and the weed everyday are deal breakers for me, and I'm not too fond of guys who workout a lot either. I have no problem with any of the other things, but those first two things I mentioned are an absolute no for me.

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