Can a bad first kiss scare her off?

I've had 3 dates with this girl and we it felt like we were really into each other. One thing she found great about was me was the fact I wasn't rushing anything, but that's simply because I'm fairly shy.

All went great untill the 3rd date, in between our meetings she did nothing but mention that she wanted to see me as soon as possible. On the 3rd date we finally kissed but I am afraid I messed it up...instead of a long kiss as most people "advice" as a first kiss we had a series of short ones. She responded well and nothing indicated than when I dropped her off at her home and tried to kiss her goodbye she dodged it and said "I don't feel "it" , sorry" and then left...The day after she asked me how I was and kept apologizing for saying no.

I can't get the thought out of my head that I did something wrong, especially the first kiss...

What might be the cause? I know it's a broad question but I can't figure it out.

Well, it seems it's not going to work out...I called her up but it turns out that she doesn't feels the same to me as I do to her...Thanks for the answers anyhow


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  • It's probably not that you're a bad kisser, perhaps she thought kissing was moving things along somewhat quickly and she wasn't really ready for it. Have you tried asking her what went wrong? Don't be so quick to be hard on yourself - her mind was probably racing!

    • Hmm I've been thinking about that but I was the first guy for her that wasn't trying to get to sleep with her on the first few dates. She occassionaly brought up that she had nothing to tell her friends about us since well, nothing really happened. I can only think that I missed hints which wouldn't be the first time haha. Should I ask her straightforward what's on my mind or are there certains things that should NOT be said? Thanks for your reply ;)

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  • Well.. the guy that Forced me to kiss me.. kept shoving his disgusting tongue in my mouth!

    I agree with PhilaPenn.. less tongue is better!

    Short kisses? It sounds like you pecked her face!

    Yea.. there needs to be chemistry in a kiss..

    • Ehm, I can't and will never force someone to kiss me, I did never put my tongue in her mouth. I would never force someone to do such things.

      About the chemistry, I didn't tried to get it done quickly, I know woman don't like that. I think I might have explained the situation wrong, sorry. All that happened was that we were sitting next to each other, I had my arm around her, her head resting on my shoulder. At some point I looked in her eyes, she looked back and we slowly came closer and kissed

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    • Yeah I thought as much. It just felt a bit I don't know wrong I guess. I can't hurt people on purpose or let them do things they do not want. And I suppose I'm fairly nervous because of what happened. Sorry if I reacted a bit harsh.

    • No.. you didn't :)

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  • Yup. Can't screw up the first kiss. Kills the chemistry. Here's a tip going forward: less tounge is more...lips have lock kinda like key into a keyhole, your top lip in between her lips, your bottom lip under hers. Don't stay in there too long without coming up for air.

  • She just doesn't want to rush to things quickly.

    Perhaps, about the kiss, she just might not be really in the mood.

    About her apology, it's really noticeable that she wants to kiss you again.