How can I stop being easily jealous?

Usually I'm not the jealous type, I used to not let things get to me, because I knew there was always a reason or if all else fails: other fish in the sea!

Recently I found (not recently I found him just love with him) this guy I'm in love with and along with it comes this urge of jealousy. Its not when he looks at other girls- he's human. It's not when he's having polite conversation or working with other girls- he needs to network. Its not even when he talks to his female friends that makes me jealous.

It's when he talks about certain things that he should be talking about with me! Or that he still has up old profiles on dating sites that he says he doesn't use but somehow have an active login on today. And sometimes that his ex girlfriends still want to be friends even though they hurt him he still communicates with them!

We talked about all these things before and the results are still the same. He thinks its my problem that I have to deal with because he doesn't get jealous of me. So please help!

Leave him-- its not you!


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  • People have been known to keep their profiles up anyway. As long as he isn't cheating, and as long as the two of you aren't married, there isn't anything you really can say to him about it, because it's his property.

    So, either you'll have to live with that, or you'll have to let him go.


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  • I agree with previous answer, you are not overly jealous at all! he should take these profiles off as he is committed now, and he should show you and your relationship some respect.

  • There is nothing wrong with you! If it makes you feel better don't label this as jealousy. You are simply asking for some Respect. No matter how early in a relationship it is, if someone really likes you those dating profiles should come down. Also, if he doesn't get jealous of you makes sure he really cares at all. A good book is "He's just not that into you" because it draws a clear line between right and wrong in dating regarding respect issues.