How can I see him again?

Me and my ex have hung out twice in the past few weeks, and now I want to see him again. I'm trying to get him to open up and be my friend again but he seems to be being really careful.

Today I asked him "Wanna go on an adventure next week?" And he said he wasn't sure what day, he doesn't know, but he told me to text him about it.

He's very reluctant.

How can I make a plan for next week without seeming needy and pushing him away?Should I just try to bump into him after school one day, or text him ?


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  • I'd make the plans and present him with them, See if he has courage or not! There's never a certainty in life; if he's not willing to take chances, he's not worth your waiting for him.

    • well I've been the one initiating everything because he's being so careful about getting attached.. is three plans too much?

    • No, that sort of shows him you are serious!

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  • Randomly ask him for a hang out and see how he reacts to it. If his reaction is positive then your chance is wide open!

  • I think you should wait for him to make a move and make plans himself not just keep making your first move on him. What I'm trying to say is let him come to you to be fair you know.