I just need someone, a guys point of view to REAL care and read this....i just need help.

I know this looks long, but you will be done reading it in less than 50 seconds, I promise. PLEASE PLEASE... help me. Thank you to all who answer this, from the bottom of my heart<3

So, me and this guy have liked each other...insanely. For 4-5 months now. We have ONLY hungout twice in person, but have Skyped 5 times, called on the phone alooottt, and texted non stop. He has told me he is only interested in me, and he plans on keeping it that way. He also said he, "Really want to connect more though, and become more close with you gradually... not just a 'thing' or whatever lol, but something serious and real." ----That was about a month ago or so.

KEY PART OF THIS STORY: when we first starting EVER liking each other, 4 months ago, I told him about this guy who I was with (he knows him, friends) for many months, and I thought we were a couple and when a brought up how I THOUGHT we were dating, the boy dissagreed and never wanted that, just a fun time girl...nothing serious. So he knows about that other guy.

SECOND KEY PART: So anyway, a month ago I went on my first date with him :) It was AMAZING. then, a couple weeks ago, another one. And like... a few days later after that date we were talking about how much we liked each other. He then said out of nowhere, "You know how you said that you and that one guy were together but you never considered him your boyfriend or whatever? Well what would you consider me to be? :)" I then told him, I would love hm to be my boyfriend, but we have only hungout like twice, so I don't want him to feel obligated or pressured to say he wants to date me now either, and how he feels matters to me.

HE REPLIED THIS: "Well I would looove to be your boyfriend too, you know I would :) But I think we should spend more time together since like you said, we have only hungout twice! So I thikn when we spend more time together of couuuurse we will en up being mooost likely boyfriend and girlfriend :D" I then said..."OH, most likely huh...? You don't sound to sure there buddy boy! LOL" and then he said, "Noooo! That's not what I meant, I meant like we WILL, like 99.9% for sure!"

I guess... these are the two questions I NEED answered to this story:

Number 1: If he secretly was like a player, or didn't ever really want to date me... would he have said all of that, and the "99.9% for sure!" ? Or would a player NEVER say that?

Number 2: Why did he bring up that other guy and ask, "well what do you consider me to be? :)" Do you think it was so he makes sure we are on the same relationship page, since that other guy wasn't my boyfriend when I thought he was, so I do NOT thing he is my boyfriend? OR, do you think he genuinely wanted me to say something about him being my boyfriend?

Thank you, SO much from the bottom of my heart.


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  • I honestly have no idea...you should ask him about it again.


  • I can't answer #1 since well... I'm not a player so I wouldn't know whether or not I would have said that in that situation if that makes sense.

    #2 To me it sounds like he was either just curious OR interested.

    I think he is either just curious or interested, because personally if it was me (in that situation) and I kind of knew the girl liked me - I would just ask to well... satisfy my curiosity and well.. ego (as bad as that sounds). I could also see myself doing the same thing if I liked the girl as well.

    Personally I'm leaning towards him liking you since he said that you guys should hang out more before becoming like 'official' which only seemed to be like a response or to factor in like what you said ("but we have only hungout like twice")


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