Girls - How bad is this? Sex on the first date

So this girl and I went out and there was a lot of physical attraction between us right from the start. We ended up sharing a nice kiss while out on our date. After that I invited her over my place for a movie and one thing lead to another and next thing I knew we were having sex. After we had sex we continued to kiss and hold each other. We then fell asleep cuddling while watching the movie.

Next morning we woke up in each others' arms and continued to cuddle for a bit. We got breakfast and I dropped her off at her place. She texted me 10 min later telling me how much she likes me and how happy she is that we met. So a week later I text her to hang out and she ignores me. She stops responding to my texts and eventually ends up unfriending me from Facebook a week later.

I'm thinking she feels like a "slut" perhaps for having sex with me right away and now feels like she wants to erase any memory she has of me...? Any thoughts?


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  • Could be that she already has a boyfriend or was going through some personal issues and needed your company to feel good about herself at the moment. Girls need a self-esteem boost every once in awhile, too. Unfortunately, it was at your expense.


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  • Sex on the first date isn't bad, things just happen. Some people aren't into it. Some are.

    That could be the case though, or she didn't want anyone finding out.

    Also, it could probably her way of letting you know she's no longer interested. Probably due to bad sex, or she felt no chemistry.

    Many reasons possible.

    Just move on.

    • What's weird is the fact that she showed so much interest though. She kept texting me the next day calling me "cutie" and "sweety". Asking me "Do you think I look good enough for you?" and even telling me about how she wants to take me to her parent's restaurant and stuff... Weird

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    • Hahah, she'd think you're coo coo.

      It happens to the best of us at some point. Hence, why you go into things expecting the unexpected. - Still isn't fair. She should of been direct/honest with you. Ah, well.. What can you do.

    • I agree. And thanks for the great answer.

  • well your thoughts in my opinion are right, well she has sex with you on the first date, a lot of girls do that, but its the type of girl she really is. if she is like some of my friends, she obviously felt bad about having sex with you so quickly and thinks that you are going to take her for a slut. and did you take all of a week to text her back? probably she thinks that all you are going to want her for is sex and when you say "hang out", you actually mean "have sex". then she may have found another person and lost interest in you. I hope all those stuff helps you because you obviously like this girl else you would not be asking what went wrong.

    • No, not a whole week to text back. I dropped her off Sunday morning, texted her that day, then texted her again Thursday to go see a movie on Saturday. She said yes at first but then later ignored me and ended up going out to the bar with her friends. I know because she posted pics of it on her Facebook. I thought it was kinda f***ed up how she said yes and then never followed through and ignored me.

  • I would get the feeling that he wasn't really interested in me, but I wouldn't care because on the first date you usually don't care enough about the person you're dating

  • Some people are attracted to each other right on the first date and can't help it! In my opinion I believe that you should wait , But if it happens then so be it.

  • She suddenly lost interest in you. ummmmm


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