Thinking too much into it? or did I overshare?

Ok, dating this guy on and off for the past 4-5 months now. We are in the midst of patching things up. Well a buddy was in town from where I'm from on business. I wanted my guy to meet him. yes he is a dude my buddy. at first he was for it. he backed out at the last minute. I told the guy I'm dating that my buddy didn't know a lot about him and us and that I told him I just hang out with the guy I'm "dating". I didn't want there to be pressure that we are really dating when we aren't officially back together just yet. we just hang out alot. so that is sort of true. just didn't want the guy I'm dating to assume that's what I think. I effed it up so I'm letting him let me know if we are back together or not.

also I shared with the guy that I'm dating some idiotic thing my sister did this past weekend. and I just don't what the guy to get the wrong impression that I'm trailer trash or something.. because I'm not, actually I'm bit of a snob. you wouldn't think it with my family. But I feel I might have overshared with him. But I had no one to talk to about it. and he was the first person I wanted to talk to and let it out to.

am I wrong for both accounts?


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  • You didn't over-share. You just wanted to talk out something, and you just like someone to listen. You're thinking too much.

    • Ok, thank you. I do tend to over analyze things. One of the main reasons why I have a degree in biology. lol.

  • Slow your roll, not everything needs to be dissected.

    • I just don't want him to think I'm trashy like my family is. I'm very proper actually.

    • Stop thinking, if he's been with you for four months than he most likely dosen't think you are trashy. One can not help the family they are born into.

    • or adopted into. haha. thankfully I do not share the same gene pool as my parents.

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