Does she like me? Or am I just reading too much into this situation?

I met this girl the other week. It turns out she recognized me from 10 years ago on a swim team we were both on. We talked a bit that night and got along, but nothing more happened.

A couple days later I saw she had been accepted into a sorority, so I congratulated her in a message. We talked for about an hour and she gave me her number without me asking for it.

We have been talking pretty much every day, for most of the day. Two days after we started talking I asked her to the formal for my fraternity, she said yes and she was very excited. That night she came over and hung out at my fraternity house. Now I have been gone on co-op for a couple months and apparently she started hanging out around my fraternity while I was away, so she knows a lot of people there.

She seemed happy to see me, but not overly thrilled, at least not like she was with a lot of other people that she saw. Someone teased her that she liked one my brothers in the fraternity but she denied it. We talked a bit that night, but it just seemed sort of awkward the entire night. It may have just been because that was the second time I had really seen her and it was only 3 days since we started talking.

She seemed much more interested in everyone else. The next day she invited me and three other of my brothers to the food court on campus and we had lunch, we talked a bit there and I think she started to get more used to me.

Yesterday, she started every conversation with me. We talked pretty much all day and later that night she started snap chatting me that she was drinking (she was celebrating being finished with her exams). The snapchats continued into today, that was how the conversation went for a couple of hours today. Then it switched into normal text messaging. I was really happy to see her start conversations with me.

Also, earlier in the week I asked her if she wanted to watch Jackass, because when I first met her she was talking about how much she wanted to watch it. We had set up to watch it tonight, but she then texted me back and said she forgot she had something going on that night (which she did, it wasn't an excuse to get out).

I was just wondering what everyone thought of this situation. Does it seem like she likes me? Sometimes the text messages turn into one word messages and when that happens, I just sort of leave the conversation, but it always reinvigorates.

I recently said that we should hang out at some point next week and the response I got back was "Okay haha". I really don't know what to say to that, sometimes it seems like she likes me, I mean yesterday she started every conversation we had, so I know she wants to talk, but whenever I ask her to hang out she switches to one word responses. I want to get to know her better before formal so it's not too awkward but she really isn't giving me much to go on.


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  • Honestly it sounds like she may be more into you as friends than anything else. I'd keep being friendly and dropping subtle hints. If you don't reach some clarity soon I'd just let her know how you feel. Just by saying hey I think you're cool and would like to ... might lend some clarity to the situation which at the moment sounds murky. In my opinion though she doesn't sound like she is dropping many, "i like you like that" hints


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  • I'd guess she's not crazy about you but you have a chance.

    Stop worrying about awkward, and don't be asexual. If you're talking this much, you should be flirting. If she responds badly to the flirting, that would tell you something.

  • She definitely likes you.

    Whenever you're around, she seemed to be happy. Also, by spending a lot of time and talking with you, it's certain that she's interested in you.

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