Is he serious? Or is he just joking?

Well this guy dated one of my distant friends and I met him that way. They broke up more than a year ago and don't talk now but I stayed friends with him. We're pretty close he knows more about me than anyone else. He mostly a serious sorta guy but he jokes around a lot too. And sometimes he makes jokes bout us dating...

- I told him I was talking to my little cousin and she thought we were dating and he just text back 'not yet' and a winky face

- I was talking bout how tall he is compared to me

Him: 'yeah I know I'm too tall I'll probably have to pick my girlfriend up just to kiss her'

Me: ha ha yeah, unless you date some tall girl

Him: guess you better start growing then

He makes little jokes like this all the time... Is he just joking or does he like me like one of my other guy friends suggested?


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  • I think he likes you .. however, he's a GUY, you never know -_-

    • I'm just not sure like he calls me babe and darling all the time... Does that mean anything ?

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    • I WANT it to get serious. I really like him and I know he liked me back. He confessed he liked me but he got a girlfriend and after they broke up he admitted he liked me again, not even a week later they were back together

    • It could mean something, it depends, you know, if he's a ladies man he'd say "honey, darling, babe" to almost any girl, but if he's just saying in to you, that could really mean that he's trying to get you but he's confused about how to get to you