He texts me after over a month of him acting weird. Not wants to hang out

Ok so after over a month of my trying to stupidly and desperately trying to get back with my ex he finally texts me first and says maybe one of these days well go out. I just wrote back yea well see. I don't even know what that means but I didn't want to jump all over that and really show how happy I am. I've been miserable without him. But last time we spoke he said he doesn't want to get into a relationship and he has a lot going on? What changed? What do I do? I'm so confused and lost? Please help and give me advice.

Now he texted me today saying what's up babe? He hasn't called me babe is over a month. I haven't responded. I can't take the disappointment.


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  • Nothing changed. He still doesn't want you. He's toying with you


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  • I would just gnore it. I didn't talk to an ex till maybe 3 months after the relationship had ended and I still was mad about the way it went, his mistreatment of my feelings.

    I may differ on this topic but I personally prefer to just cut ties and not worry anymore.

    • I was feeling the same. When I text him back I find myself more depressed than I was before. I just want to be over him.

  • Ignore him and focus on yourself.

  • The break up is still fresh and he's still not ready to see you.

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