Would you date a bad boy ?

What if you really liked his personality and then found out he was bad. I'm talking about smoking, drug dealing, vandalizing, stealing, setting stuff on fire bad boy. Would you ever date him?

Me and this guy have been tlking to each other for over a year. We'd fall asleep on the phone together and everything and we really liked each other but then we never made our relationship official because we barely saw each other (different schools). Nd we both got so busy we stopped tlking to each other

But 3 years have passed and now we both changed schools and we see each other everyday. We reunited so were tlking again nd he walks me to my bus and some times he'll come to my neighborhood to see me but he's changed.

My friend lives in his neighborhood and she said she's caught him smoking and setting stuff like trees and paper on fire. He got caught vandalizing his schools bathroom and got suspended. He steals and he's admitted to me he's a "pharmacist".

He doesn't smoke or do anything like that in front of me.

I like him but I don't like his actions so I'm debating if I should still tlk to him or not. Should I let his stupid decisions get in the way of our relationship just starting to grow back?


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  • Of course not


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  • You'll just be putting yourself in danger if you date this guy. I seriously wouldn't bother. And if you don't like these things he's doing now, what do you think will happen once your in a relationship?

  • A"bad boy"? He's a scumbag

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