I thought he liked me but I scared him off. Would he come back?

so this guy and I had been texting back and forth and hung out and he always seem interested. I thought he really liked me, he said he felt a click and he messaged me every night. He always checked if I got home safe and apologize whenever he felt he may have done something wrong. He would always get jealous of my guy friends and would message me whenever I was abroad. I thought he really did like me and just needed time. I realized he wasn't moving things forward and I was talking to another guy at the same time. I thought I wanted to try and make things work with the other guy so I requested him to not talk to me from now on, he got very angry and upset. After a few weeks, obviously I never liked the other guy (but he did everything I wanted this guy to be) and we were talking at a party because he really wanted to fix things. We finally admitted to liking each other and that there was a click. At one point, we hung out and things seemed to get a little better. I don't know why, but I felt like he wasn't making much of an effort and he was kind of trying but for some reason things got too much and I told him his behavior wasn't acceptable to me. That he would cancel or only do things on his terms. We finally got to the dreaded conversation of me wanting something more than him. He said he thought I knew he was leaving in 2 months and would be gone for 4 months so he wasn't looking for anything serious. I said no we can just hang out but then I have certain boundaries if it can't be serious and he said "I really like spending time with you, we don't need to do anything you aren't comfortable with". I thought things would work out. He said he needed to think things through and that it was all too much for him. The next day was the first day he didn't message me. Then I messaged him the day after saying I thought things through and that I am fine with something less serious but that I really just want to forget the struggle we had gone through for the passed few months. He sent a cold response saying he thought things through and that we aren't really on the same page about things. Now I know I pushed him away but is there a possibility of a guy missing a girl and us still being friends? Or him even coming back? Or are guys more certain in their decisions?


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  • Don't go back on what you want

    You deserve that much

    • Thats true and I respect him for not taking advantage of me liking him. But I just wonder if we can still be friends and have a healthy connection. I am fine with that, I wasn't even hurt by his message (surprisingly) but I hate that all might be lost. If he would try again, I would tell him where I stand but I wonder if he would

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  • the 1st guy you pushed away, you really hurt his feelings, do to your own actions an emotions. Sometimes people are worth waiting for an compromising each other to the best we can.

    You should really work on not pushing people away that you kind of care for, all you end up with is regrets.

    • The first guy is the one who didn't make any efforts... I needed more. When I told him I wanted more, he said he would think about it and then he sent a cold message saying he doesn't think we should continue and he doesn't even talk normally, as friends anymore. Slightly immature. I push these guys away because they don't exactly treat me the way a guy who really likes a girl does. I have to protect myself and hope the guy is on the same page (rarely)

    • I hope you meet someone on same common ground as you/

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