Girls would you ever kiss a guy you weren't all that interested in?

Would you ever let a guy kiss / make out with you if you weren't that interested in him? Or would you let a guy make out with you if you were interested or involved with another guy? I've always kind of wondered that. I guess for me if I was really into this person I wouldn't go around kissing others and I am sure most of you girls are like that.

Lets say you really like him but its not "Official" that your boy friend girl friend.


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  • Possibly to both. I've kissed/made out with guys who I was attracted to at the time, but after kissing/making out with them, was no longer attracted. I've also made out with a guy while I was really into another guy because I was hoping to get rid of the first crush by developing a second. It didn't work. In fact, it backfired, and made me realize that I was really, REALLY into the other guy. But I wasn't certain about that until I had made out with someone else.

    It all depends on the situation. And how much I've had to drink.


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  • The answer to both questions is possibly. Most girls would not kiss some one if they were interested in another guy. It is more likely that a girl would kiss a guy she wasn't that into depending on the situation, her mood, and sadly, his attractiveness. Some girls however, are just really slutty.

  • Possibly and no.


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