Is this guy just trying to use me? What should I do?

So last night I hung out with my crush for the first time ever and we cuddled and made out a lot and then wanted me to touch his p e and I s and I did. I was very inexperienced, and that was basically my first kiss and first everything else that I did. He wants me to give him o are a l the next time. I don't want to say no to him because I really like him but I also don't want to move this fast with him. :( What should I do?

And of course I meant penis and oral sex, it just wouldn't let me write those words since I'm not a level 3.

I want this guy really bad but I wish he treated me with more respect than he did.


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  • wow..dont be such a damn push over... lol he whont respect you and after you blow him he's going to leave you cause he got exactly what he wanted and will done with you and do this again with anther girl.

    • You don't wish for him to treat you with more DEMAND it.

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  • Your feelings matter to. You like him so you want to keep him happy but if he likes you he wants you to be happy also. Do only what makes you feel comfortable and if your comfortable, than do it. But if you feel your not ready than let him know that, and if he really cares about you he will understand. If he doesn't care if you're ready and basically says do it or he will walk, then let him walk because he obviously doesn't care about you and will he doing you a favor by leaving.

  • 1st have more Respect for yourself, an don't do things you're not comfortable doing. Its obvious what his intentions are an where he's placing your feelings.

    If you give him a B.J. He'll leave you hours or days later. If you don't he'll get mad an Disrespect you.

    The bottom line is Live your Life, an try not to have no Regrets, to where you end up hating yourself for past mistakes.

    Good Luck to you an your future.


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