When a guy starts acting different

1.the guy I like texts me more - he use to only text me at night once a month or so. Now I hear from him all the time or he texts me back immediately

2. Has always loved to tease me or make fun. If it hurts my feelings he worries and apologizes, explains himself immediately.

3. Isn't as crude around me anymore - He tells me it's rude and inapropriate.

4. Checks up on me when I'm sick. Before he use to tell me to stay the heck away so he didn't catch it.

5. Gets very jealous/moody if other guys hit on me or if I mention them. He makes fun of them or points out their faults.

What do you think? What is the difference between a guy being a protective friend and just a guy that likes you?


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  • Sounds like he's slowly starting to catch feelings for you, over being overprotective.

  • is this a serious question?... it's so obvious that he likes you

    • here's the thing. When he texts, he's only joking around. It's sarcastic, he's makin fun, saying somethng non serious. I never get the "hey, how's it going? how was your day? What's going on? What are you up to?" I get the goofy jokes. Rarely will we get into a nice conversation. Sometimes he'll be ranting and raving about politics but besides that, jokes. Silliness. I love to laugh but sometimes I wonder if there's anything serious coming from him towards me.

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