Boyfriend hasn't talked to me in almost a week?

So, the last time I saw my boyfriend was 5 days ago, and we had mentioned hanging out the next night. Well, I texted him that day about seeing him later and he didn't respond. I haven't heard from him since that, and I just texted him again today, still have no reply. We weren't fighting or anything like that, it seems weird I haven't heard from him still. What should I do?


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  • Has he missed school or anything like that?

    • We're both in college, but not that I know of.

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    • Well, I'd try calling him at least once. If he doesn't answer, leave a message joking about wondering if he's still alive or something silly like that. Make light of it. After that, there's nothing more you CAN do, don't keep trying... if he's just trying to take time, it'll smother him and push him away. I hope things turn out okay! Best of luck!

    • Thanks:) I might try tomorrow night if I haven't heard from him by then.

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  • He cheated on you, and doesn't want to come forward yet. He feels guilty and is taking some time to prepare you for the news.

  • There are a lot of reasons for this.

    He might have lost his phone, or he's just really busy.

    Being in a relationship, he can't really stand it as well not talking with you in a week.

    You just need to be patient.


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  • You should just dump him. If he is going to ignore you for no reason you can see, then what is the point of the "relationship"? You want someone who is head over heels for you and can't wait to call you back and see you, not someone who treats you like you mean nothing. Be strong and confident and yourself and don't let some dumb boy make you feel less than awesome.

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