Monogamy? should I ask?

Okay, so I asked out this really nice girl and we just had our first date friday. it went well, no real sparks, but it wasn't bad either. so we agreed on a second date, we have been spending a bit of time with each other in school, etc. However we are both at a loss as to what our relationship is, are we dating, seeing each other, or BF/GF. (yes there's a difference) and no "physical" romance has happened (kissing, sex, making out).

So my dilemma is that on wensday I am going on a class trip to mexico for a week, which she isn't going on. There's 6 guys (1 of which is gay) and 14 very attractive girls going (12 of which are single). as well as 15 students from a nearby school. SO its understandable if I'm a bit worried that with the mexican fun and sun, romance might start between me and one of these girls, (I do know all of them on a first name basis and have flirted with a few).

what I want to ask is should I tell the girl I'm with about this, and make sure our relationship isn't monogamous (which might scare her away, or mess up our possible future relationship, for possibly nothing) or should I wait and see, and if something happens should I just try to explain that I met someone on the trip? I realize this may seem like a no brainer, but I can't help but feel like I am going to end up getting involved with a girl on the trip, and the last thing I want to do is hurt the girl I'm currently dating.

If that seems confusing, its because it is.


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  • Ask yourself. Who do you want to be with. This nice girl you've dated a few times. Or some fling that might end as soon as it started?

    • I know what you mean, but our relationship is so early on that I'm not even sure if its going to amount to anything.

    • Oh btw update, trip happened, and I did meet a great girl, but we aren't together.