Girls, would you even jokingly sit a guy you had no interest in?

It's difficult to tell with this girl since we were friends before we were coworkers, but as of late things have been slowly shifting from clearly friends only flirting to things I can no longer say for sure don't show interest.

We drink together on occasion with other coworkers, and the last time we did so she asked me for a massage and gave me one back in return. She later apologized if she was too 'sensual' with it at work, but it was a fantastic massage.

Then a couple of days ago now on an overnight shift, she got a text from some random guy she'd met a while back asking for naked pics, and I joked that I wished I had people to sext at 4:00am.

Next thing I know I've got a text from her saying 'Sext!', which quickly became a lot of joking around with texts 12 year old kids send like '( . )( . ) ... because boobs!'. Nearly every text she sent included some form of 'Haha' or a smiley face.

So go figure, when I went out drinking that night with some friends, and she at the last second decided she just couldn't come out cause she had to sleep for an early morning road trip, I promised her several NSFW texts to which she said 'I would expect nothing less, keep me updated!'. Just before she went to bed she apologized if it was awkward that she'd blatently sexted me all shift, but I still feel like she wouldn't even be joking around like this if there wasn't some kind of interest...

Or am I reading into this far too much and she's just really flirty?


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  • Hell no! I wouldn't do it.


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