I just got a boyfriend and he's canceled 2 dates in 2 weeks.

Well I just don't know what to think we started going out exactly two weeks ago we hung out all day on the Saturday 2 weeks ago pretty much from 10am to midnight and we saw a movie and then he took me home we both had a ton of fun. then that Wednesday he went to church with me and he's walked me home from school everyday and walks me to some of my classes. Last Saturday we had a drill meet for rotc and we hung out a little bit but it started at like 3am so we both slept a lot and his dad was there and he didn't intorduce me or anything and then we hung out again Tuesday after school with some of our friends and I thought we had fun but then on Wednesday he was supposed tog o to church with me but I think I scared him off Because we were texting and I asked something like besides going into the airforce what do you wanna do after you graduate and he said have a nice house and family and I said something like oh that's sweet I hope I'm part of it but I didn't mean it like oh lets get married (I don't even want to think about that yet) and right after that and he ws like oh I can't go to church and I didn't have a problem with it but then we already had plans to see a movie on Friday but he canceled at the last minute again and he gave me a couple reasons why he couldn't even though I don't see how one of them was revelent so anyways is he about to break up with me or what


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  • Break-up is not really imminent. Thousand years too early.

    It must be that he's really busy. Trust his reasons. There's nothing wrong in your relationship.


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