Mass text or did he just fall asleep?

About 2 weeks ago this really cute guy asked for my number and I don't really know him but some friends do. Well he texted me and we talked a few times. I had not talked to him in almost a week but last night he texted me and the conversation was very short just like hey, what's up, that kind of stuff. It was pretty late around 1AM but after about the first 5 texts(he sent) he stopped replying but with the other texts he did reply back fast like within a minute.

So basically I'm just wondering what it sounds like to you guys,

do you think he sent a text to a bunch a girls and picked the one he really wanted to talk to?

or did he probably just fall asleep since it was pretty late?

I know that everyone is different and its basically impossible to tell but I'm to wondering which you think it sounds like.


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  • If he didn't use your name in the initial text, then he's probably texting a bunch of people at once. Even then, there's still no way of knowing unless you ask him. He may lie, but at least then you'll kind of get the idea of where he's coming from, ya know?

  • I think he may have gone to sleep rather than that it was mass texts he was sending. It was 1am after all.

    • Okay that's what I'm thinking. I just kinda felt like why would he text me if he was about to fall asleep lol

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