What does it mean if he canceled our date so soon

So this guy and I went out on a date yesterday (Friday) for lunch and we made plans to go on a date tonight yesterday once our date was over. However, I get a text saying would I mind watching a scary movie instead? and I reply yes. So he then texts me saying would I hate him if he postponed the date? Then he goes on to say that he shouldn't have made plans with me because his science homework is really confusing and he has a quiz coming up and he just realized that he needs to focus and finish his assignment and could we hang out on Monday instead. He then says that he made the decision hastily in the presence of pretty girl...

I, however, can't help but feel a little annoyed because I had canceled other plans in order to see him tonight and waited patiently (excited) to see him tonight.

Im not sure how I should feel or what to do in this situation?

I need your help guys specifically and girls! thanks!


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  • It sounds like he is really confused. I think he may like you but honestly I wouldn't hold my breath on him (sorry) I think he feels bad about hurting your feelings and blowing you off; and either a. likes you so much that he doesn't know whether he is ready for a steady dating relationship or b. isn't really interested and doesn't know how to say no. Either way, it isn't your problem, it is his! So move on, you are pretty and you can find someone who will always find time for you.

    Love and peace,


    • hmm...wow that would really suck because it seemed like we had such a great connection...that makes me sad to think about it...a or b...both equally saddening :'(

      Thank you

    • Sorry I didn't want to make you sad! How old is he? If you have a really good connection he may just be nervous because he has NEVER felt this way before. I wouldn't write him off...did you reschedule the date? Try to reschedule and then go from there :)

    • Its OK. Yeah he re scheduled for Monday. He's 28...

      He said he wants to make it up to me some how.

      So I texted back saying... I'm still worried...just a little confused. trying not to over think anything. Good luck studying and I hope you're prepared, I know you'll do great.

      He hasn't replied back

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