Where's the line for flirting in the workplace?

I know every workplace has a bit of flirting, but this particular job seems very unusual compared to anything else I've ever worked. For one, everyone is the same age pretty much (mid-20s). For another, we work rotating hours with each other, sometimes up to 12 hour shifts. For these reasons, certain levels of bonding are expected, and dating has happened moderately often in the past between coworkers.

At the same time though, this girl and I have gotten to be pretty close since going through breakups a few months ago. We've had to work consecutive extended shifts with only us on shift, and over the course of them we've gotten to know each other a lot better.

We discussed all kinds of things, but on the last shift things started getting a little ridiculous. For one we spent almost an hour with our heads together listening to music through her phone. For two, towards the end of shift as it started getting late, she got several drunk texts from an old long-distance relationship, and the guy asked for naked pics. When she laughed and showed me, saying 'WTF?', I joked I wished I had someone to sext late on a Friday night.

Next thing I know she sent me a message that simply read 'Sext!'

We joked back and forth a bit with that on shift, and there were a few messages like '8===)', but late tonight I got a text that apologized for blatantly sexting me on shift, and I didn't know what to say other than it's totally fine... and once again we flirted for a bit over text.

This doesn't seem like casual flirting to me... but am I overreading this?


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  • You're not over reading that.

    The line for flirting in the workplace is when flirting interferes with the job, however beneath that, all's well.


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  • She wants the D


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  • i'm not getting why she would say that, either someone made her or you're just friends