What should I do? Did I find a great catch?

I've been dating this young beautiful girl for 3 weeks they felt like nothing seriously I could remember it like yesterday. She's really chill and understanding... Like the other day we both felt like eating Mexican food. And I was bound to get a mess on my face! she was cracking up, because I kept getting messy! but she cleaned after me and she was pretty understanding :P (it's really hard not to get dirty when you eat Mexican food such as sopes,enchiladas, etc...) Anyways then the other day I have gotten a stand up in front of her and she saw it not on purpose... but she was really chill about it.. Usually a virgin wouldn't do that kind of thing... They would be freaked out but she's really chill about it. She is not a very affectionate person but she is trying her best as from what I observe! She always offers to take me out, so that is +1 she is not in it for the mula! She has trusting issues, but I know she trust me so that's another good thing!


Great communicator ( even about embarrassing things

Understanding and mature

Well mannered

Her parents like me


Before we started dating we talked and hanged out for like a month straight, I could say about 10-15 hours a day, on average


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  • Yes, she's really a great catch.

    She understands you really well, and she's really comfortable around you.

    Her parents like you, and she's a very refined lady.


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  • what's the question?

  • understanding and mature


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