Dating 2 guys who also happen to be friends, is this a recipe for disaster?

Well, not really. I met 2 guys at a house party 2 weeks ago. I spoke to them both at different times throughout the night, and they both asked for my number. At the end of the night, I realized that both guys knew each other (not besties but more like very good acquaintances). But I thought nothing of it.

Anyway, both guys end up reaching out to me the following week. So I went on a date with guy #1 and it was great. He picked a great restaurant, we had good conversation and I certainly felt some sparks. At one point during the date I asked him how he and the other guy knew each other, and he said they're friends who see each other about once every 2 months. Maybe I shouldn't have asked lol, because now he knows that I KNOW his friend. Anyway, we are planning for a 2nd date this coming week.

As for guy #2, well, I haven't gone out with him yet but we're ALSO planning to see each other the same week as guy #1. (I'll probably see guy #1 on Tuesday, guy #2 on Wednesday).

So what do you guys think? Is this bound to not end well? They are friends but not SUPER close, should I just focus on one guy and leave the other alone? Or should I just say f*ck it, date both of them and see what happens?

Thanks :)


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  • It would be safer to date only one of them at a time...guys do tend to share information especially since you all pretty much know each other at this juncture!

    Most of us aren't into sharing girls that much!


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  • You don't date 2 people...

    It'll end badly. Choose one and tell the other one you're involved with someone else right now.