Awkward dates and awkward people

If a date is awkward, you are very shy, or the person you are on a date with is very shy, what would you do?

Or what is the most awkward date you've been on?


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  • I've had awkward moments but never dates that were completely awkward. I suppose I'd use my 'get out of jail free' card and have a buddy call with an emergency. No point in sticking around for a date that's heading no where.

    She would obviously know I was lying about the emergency, it's a fairly obvious excuse I think, but once I'm gone it doesn't matter. Out of sight out of mind. At least for me it is.

    • Aww that's pretty mean

    • If I achieve what I set out to achieve within the first 10 seconds, I might as well go have a cold brew at my local pub, say hello to some friends, and who knows, maybe meet someone who is more my type.

      p.s. There is nothing worse then having a bad date and then going home and stewing over it. I try and always have somewhere to go and something to do after a date. In this situation that something just comes a little sooner is all.

    • Also I should mention... it's okay to be mean.

      You're going to come into contact with so many people, have so many choices in life, that 'always doing the right thing', it's just not worth it. I'm the nicest guy in the world provided you're important to me. If you're not among my circle of important people then I'm going to invest my energy in me.

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