Finding great looking women on dating sites, why are they online?

So I find real and great women on dating sites, they are not model but they could of took that route

one of them answered a few times and the last time she ask if went to certain high school. Basically these decent hard working chill women with goals .

why they join dating site?


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  • I've met quite a few girls online and they are honestly headaches. They always have circumstances that make me realize why they are single and on a dating site. Anything from drugs, to lies in their profiles, to fake photos, and so on.

    Some also just make a profile to get messages and stroke their own ego with no intention of meeting up. A lot of girls treat the dating site like another Facebook page also.

    I have a profile up, but I stopped messaging girls way long ago because I don't have time for them.


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  • For most women, they join dating sites, because they also want to find a relationship for themselves. It doesn't mean that if they're good-looking, the guys in their places would be all over them. Some would be "out-of-the-league" for those guys, so they don't take the confidence to walk up and try working things out with them.

    Some women also join dating sites, just for the sake of fun. They want to discover that world.