Was my ex being Sincere or Sarcastic?

Recently my ex came back saying he missed me. We called & texted for a few weeks but we had a misunderstanding/ mini argument over text because the last time we broke up he did & said some very hurtful things to me so I guess I was still angry and this time I said something hurtful. He said that's rude. You didn't have to insult me, I'm deleting you from my phone. Few days later, I send an apology email explaining why I lashed out at him and how it was because I was still angry & confused over what he has said and done & that he never apologized & I didn't know why he was contacting me again. I also said that he is an intelligent, creative man whom I do respect & that my lashing out was petty. I apologized.

I ended it by saying "I'm not expecting you to respond, especially if you don't care. I just wanted you to see my perspective after all these years. It would've be nice if we could've remained friends"

He responded: "Thanks for that. It means a lot. I feel close to you even if I am an a**hole" Was that Sarcastic or Sincere?


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  • If you don't know, then he is being sarcastic

    and underlining at least one thing you both agree upon - he's an a$$


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  • that sounded sarcastic to me.