Hispanic girls..do you date white guys?

I LOVE Hispanic girls (and I know what your thinking...I have a feitsh for those brazilian super models...but NO,...i like girls of just about every ethnicity and they all have really gorgeous distincitives, but In particular there's plenty of everyday."Average" Hispanic girls at the juco I go to) I'm always wondering if I'm not considred for a date so I never make a move even though on projects/group stuff I'm polite and try to be friendly but don't know if its okay to flirt. I know Hispanics often date inside their culture like everyone to a degree...I wonder if I should ever make a move or be more outoging but I worry theyll see me as a girngo/whiteboy. If its of any consideration...but I do speak some spanich..i work at a grocery store and plenty of customers are Spanish speaking only so I picked up some so I could help them find them things, etc...Also, I've heard Hispanic guys usually aren't circumcised...but I am...i don't agree with circ but I feel okay bout my situation...i just wonder if girls who are in cultures where its not common think of me as emasculated or something for being down a foreskin...


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