Does this girl actually like me? Or am I reading too much into things?

We met in college, we were pretty good friends in class and have gotten even closer since working at the same job post-graduation. We've started flirting far more the past couple of months, and lately it seems like every time we go out drinking she's been right next to me holding my arm, hugging me, or high fiving me. A few months ago she roamed the house we were at yelling my name to find me, and just a few weeks ago asked me for a massage with the promise that she'd give me one back.

At work, she's always showing me things, sending me links she finds funny, almost always chatting with me. Even an elderly coworker teased on us on shift, asking when we were getting married. On our last overnight shift we spent an hour listening to music with her phone held between our heads... and when an ex texted her during that asking for her to come over after (she laughed and said no f*cking way immediately) I joked I wished I had someone sexting me at 4am too. She sent me a text immediately that just read 'sext!' and we joked around with that for a few hours.

It gets a bit weirder though, because after giving me a massage while we were out drinking, she apologized the next day saying she was sorry if she was 'too sensual' with it. Same thing happened again with the sexting, we were chatting about something unrelated and she suddenly sent 'PS sorry for the awkwardness of blatantly sexting you all last night's shift, hahaha'

Also, outside of work she rarely starts conversation. If I send her a text or a Facebook message she'll always respond right away (or rapidly once she finally does see it), and nearly every message has some form of 'haha', 'lol!' or ':)'... but if I don't contact her first, she doesn't attempt to initiate conversation outside of work.

I don't really know what to make of this girl. Half the time I'm convinced she actually really likes me, the other half I feel like I'm reading too much into the occasional really flirty action.

Should I ask her out anyway?


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  • I'd say go for it! Seems as if she is trying to " feel you out" And try to get a feel for how you respond.


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  • well what do you think? Stop bs the thing man. Only gils over think. We don't do that, we are men. Men just ignore the bull sh*t and take action. You feel me?

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