Awkward first date meaning ?

So, I've been talking to this girl I met on a dating site in September for a few months now through Skype and text. We were really hitting it off well, so we went on a date yesterday night. Date was sort of weird, she brought a friend with her but she seemed to be happy and talkative, the date felt sort of neutral I guess, more like three friends just talking. No physical contact made, besides an awkward handshake at the beginning. I texted her last night saying how I enjoyed it and said maybe we could meet again some time in a few weeks. She texted back this morning saying "I had a really nice time too." But didn't say anything about my question of the next date. Does this mean she doesn't like me? Should I just wait a few days and ask her again about the second date? I was actually planning on asking her to be my girlfriend on the next date (which would probably be Valentine's day) but I feel like I'm just getting mixed signals from her and don't know what to do! (I'll probably ask her for the Valentine's date again this Thursday)

update: I just asked her today if she wanted to go out next Thursday. My thinking is this will just get strait to the point, and I won't have to waste any time thinking so much about the issue. If she likes me, shell say yeah. If she doesn't, she won't respond or shell make an excuse.
ANOTHER update lol. She texted back saying "that sounds nice :D I don't know what day I'm available until the day or so before unfortunately" Does this mean that she wants to go out with me? What is your intepretation? lol And in general, if a girl wants to go on a second date with you , does that mean she likes you?


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  • Bringing a friend on the first date is weird.. but that might have just been because you guys met online and she wasn't completely comfortable with that concept yet. But the fact that she didn't address your question makes me feel like she isn't really interested in a second date. Ask her again if you really want to see her, and if she can't go for whatever reason and doesn't attempt to reschedule it, then she's not interested.

    • she said she had a nice date, if she didn't enjoy his company, she wouldn't have said that...

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    • you guys are dumb, read his update and tell me what it says.

    • ... you're dumb. if a girl wants to go out with you, she's going to make time, or ask you to reschedule to a date she KNOWS she's free. having such an ambiguous answer means nothing.

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  • She *is* sending mixed signals! I'd say you should ask her again once, but expect 50/50 chance that she might find an excuse not to see you again, and if so forget about her!

  • After reading your updates, I think you can only wait and see what happens. If she keeps making excuses then I'd say she isn't very interested. She's probably interested though, haha, just wait to see what happens.

  • Things can always get better. Me and my boyfriend met at a strange time too, he was dating my friend!


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  • no it means she is telling you to ask her again for a 2nd date

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