Who goes first for the kiss?

Would it bother you if the girl you like or are going out with went in for the kiss first? This what I did and my mate said he'd prefer it if he went in for the kiss first. Is this so he feels like he's the one in control?

(Yes we're not dating but do kiss a lot. Sounds odd but oh well)


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  • Meh, no, he sounds controlling. That's never even crossed my mind before.

    • Funny enough he's not the only guy that's said that to me so I was just curious.

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    • I dunno, I may be a bad read since I'm not big on kissing girls who aren't girlfriends, but each first kisses were always very mutual feeling... Long gaze, lots of mental foreplay, etc. I'd just do it when it feels right, don't worry about who is first or whatnot.

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