How to go from friends to relationship?

I've been hanging out with an old friend recently. We've only hung out 3 times but each time kind of seemed like a date. Basically they were dates, just nobody ever mentioned the word date, and I never really made any moves because I wasn't sure if it was a date. I'm pretty sure she would be interested in a relationship I just don't know how to bring it up. Do I ask her out again and clarify before that it will be a date. Do I just try making a small move like holding hands the next time we are out? Do I ask her what she thinks about us?


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  • Hm. Would it be out of the question to tell her you like her? I know that can be kind of touchy, but if it does seem like you guys have been on what are technically "dates", I don't see it being a problem. Maybe ask her if she could ever see the two of you together. Or, make a lighthearted joke about it, this way you can laugh it off if things go awry after.

    I like the idea of holding hands. Maybe to test the waters a little more casually, you could lightly rest your fingers on her hand if you guys are sitting down and talking and she has her hands resting on a table...that might not be a bad idea.

    I also really do like the idea of asking her what she thinks about you two together.

    Best of luck!

    • I have said that I like being with her, but I haven't said directly that I like her. I also have paid for everything every time we've gone out, so in my book that's definitely a date. I think next time I ask her out I'll just say something like "btw this is a date" just so we are both clear, and I can be more comfortable knowing what exactly we are doing together.

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  • I am 18 years old and when a guy is into me I would much rather him tell me then play stupid guessing games.

    The best way is to ask her out on a date. Ask her if she is free one night and tell her you would like to take her on a date.[say the word date!] (this will really help you to figure out if she's into you the same way you are into her) This will make her smile and get butterflies if she feels the same as you. If she accepts and goes out with you, watch her body language and the way she looks at you or talks to you. you WILL be able to tell if she thinks it is awkward or not. If the date goes well then at the end of the night when you drop her off, tell her you really have been thinking a lot about the both of you, and that you have feelings for her and you would like to be her boyfriend.

    Best of luck!

  • Before making a move, tell her your true feelings for her. If you try to make a move before you know for sure that you're both on the same page, she might really freak out and take it the wrong way.


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  • Don't make me slap you. It's not a date unless you make it one.

    Next time you ask her to HANG OUT with you, make sure you touch her and make good eye contact with her. Also, make movements like you'll be going in for a kiss and watch her reaction, if it's good, go for a kiss, if its not, keep flirting with her, touching her and making eye contact till she's comfortable and then try again, once the reaction is good, you go for the kiss but don't even ask for one.

    Here's what you do

    -Look her deeply in the eyes

    -Look at her lips and make into her eyes

    -Keep getting closer and closer to her face,


    -Look at her reaction, is it good? Is she reciprocating

    -Back away, smile and tease her, flirt with her and touch her

    She will be dying to kiss you at some point and you will know, at this time, go for a kiss, and kiss and then back off and enjoy the night and end it early. Then text her telling her how much fun she is, and how amazing and wonderful and beautiful and smart she is, tell her she's an angel, tell her you want to see her again, then the next time, make it a complete make out session and then progress on ward till she's gobbling up your c.ock.

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